Installation Services

Commercial Property Boom InstallationExterior Lighting InstallationOn a limited regional level comprising Southern California and Phoenix metro area, we can perform installations for many of the products we provide via in-house team or existing subcontractor network. This process has equipped Exterior Products, Corp. with the knowledge to instruct and service those product sales outside of our existing installation range. We have high lift equipment to accommodate work heights from 10’ to 80’. We can share our knowledge to help your contractor or in-house installer select the right lift and process for your job.

We are a state licensed contracting firm and collaborate with other accredited and licensed contractors with trade specialties ranging from general contracting, electrical to painting trades.

Property Maintenance

Commercial Property MaintenanceIn Southern California we offer limited facets of lighting and property maintenance.

As an area notorious for high winds, we can help remedy a fallen tree, loose moulding or clear refuse in a hard to reach area. Our trucks are on standby throughout the year so we are quick to react to calls between LA and San Diego.

We certainly will not market ourselves as a total commercial property maintenance firm but we will readily listen to your needs and carefully refer you directly to an outside and qualified contractor if it is outside our scope. We offer sign removal, stucco, paint and patch for light and emergency repairs. We have a slower season from February through July so our resources are plentiful to accommodate additional work using our existing overhead. Commercial Book Access

For your commercial investment:

  • Sign cleaning
  • Bird Spike and Tension Wire
  • Light Pole Painting
  • Sign Removal and Patch
  • Low Voltage Light Maintenance (MR16s)

Because we have a vested interest in your business and ultimately want to keep your tenants happy, we will report, classify and submit any additional maintenance issues that we notice while on site. We take only a few new centers each year, but you can be sure that we will check in with your security and always use the highest level of courtesy when interacting with your tenants and patrons. We schedule work around your center’s busy times whenever possible. Much of our work is done after 9 PM.

Our staff’s ongoing education consists of the following:

  • OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration)
  • ANSI (American National Standards Institute)
  • Class B license
  • Manners 101—We treat your tenants and patrons with the highest regard.


We can help you calculate installation, maintenance, removal and storage costs where applicable. There are a variety of formulas that we can deploy to help you come in at the correct budget numbers when you are ready to commit.

Our trade expertise will help you to calculate and execute your annual lighting, holiday, banner or bird control program. We can offer this service specific to your project scope.


Let us know how we can help your business. Contact us for a quote.

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